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Elevating Cybersecurity Excellence


Navigating the digital frontier of the energy industry

In the dynamic world of energy, oil and gas are central to global advancement. As this essential sector embraces the digital age, data-driven choices, and innovation step into the spotlight. At Omny, we understand the nuances of this transformation and the vital role of cybersecurity in shaping its path forward.

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Safeguarding a complex ecosystem

From optimizing production efficiency to discovering untapped hydrocarbons, the oil and gas industry is an intricate network of processes. These industrial operations rely on vast digital data analysis which help guide strategic decisions, impacting economic success and environmental responsibility. However, this dependence on digital-sourced-data also exposes the industry to new vulnerabilities. Challenges arise in upholding data integrity, secure against cyber threats, and navigating digital supply chain intricacies.


Balancing innovation and security

In the middle of global shifts toward renewable energy, oil and gas remain their irreplaceable status. Achieving this shift demands a careful balance of innovation and security. As exploration licenses face scrutiny due to environmental concerns, mitigating operational risks becomes pivotal. Embracing digitalization, automation, and connectivity opens doors to enhanced efficiency and sustainability while managing emerging security risks.

Our Solution

Tailored cyber visibility

Understanding the extent of your resources and the rules that matter is vital in this industry. Omny offers clarity into your industrial assets, allowing you the ability to know what needs to be secured now to help keep you compliant while maintaining business continuity wherever you operate.

Unlock peace of mind by understanding your digital and physical assets. With such a vast supply chain of vendors and heavy industrial assets, Omny understands the importance of clarity of your operations and the impact a cyber threat can pose to those operations. Armed with clear insights, you can confidently fortify your infrastructure.

Worried about threats? Our specialized security services are here for you. We identify and neutralize threats, ensuring your operations continue without interruption. Your peace of mind is our priority.

In an industry where a single incident can have far-reaching effects, are you prepared? Omny’s incident management solutions act as a safety net. We assist in managing unforeseen challenges, safeguarding your operations, and reputation. Navigating risks tailored to your sector is essential. Omny’s risk assessment tool, Omny Risk, optimizes security efforts to address the unique challenges of each sub-discipline.

Omny offers a unified risk management tool that covers all aspects. From compliance to risk assessment, we provide a comprehensive solution, ensuring your operations are secure across the board.

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The Omny platform

Scaling security operations to make better, faster decisions.

Aquire holistic visibility and insights into your company's cyber-physical assets, their operations, and the critical process they perform. This industrial visibility leads to a better understanding of operational and cyber business risks, as well as the potential impact of a disruption. Built from industry and cybersecurity expertise, the Omny platform is an essential software for increasing operational resilience. 

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The Omny platform

Designed to provide cyber security insight for society's most critical infrastructure, the Omny platform enables strategic and operational decision-making for risk management with additional support available by a specialized advisory team for cyber and OT security. The Omny Platform has different applications to address your most pressing industrial concerns, Omny Risk and Omny Respond, paired with OT Advisory expertise to help you make the best cybersecurity decisions for your organization. 



Omny Risk 

Gain a holistic overview of your risk posture set against the ever-changing threat landscape. Evaluate risk level throughout the lifetime of an asset and across all your most valuable sites with this continuous dynamic risk analysis.

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Omny Respond

Empower your security operations and incident response teams with an overview of cyber knowledge, including vulnerabilities, of your physical assets.

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OT Advisory

Attain personalized guidance on the health of your current OT security environment. Let us evaluate your cyber architecture and assess the full risk of your company infrastructure.

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