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Solutions tailored to your industry

Safeguarding critical infrastructure for
top industries around the world

Specializing in industrial cybersecurity to safeguard critical infrastructure.

Omny bridges the gap between advanced cyber threat intelligence and real-world solutions that are tailored for your industry. With advanced expertise energy, power & utilities, and manufacturing, the Omny platform has exactly what you are looking for to protect your infrastructure. For those organizations who are unsure of where to begin, the OT Advisory Services team from Omny is here to help guide you. 

Energy: Securing critical energy infrastructure

This industry shapes the digital energy landscape, balancing innovation and safety for communities and the environment. From fuelling vehicles to powering industries, the impact is significant.

As we head towards a sustainable future, the challenges and opportunities take on even greater significance. It's about building a secure energy ecosystem for now and the future. At Omny, our purpose is clear: we drive your progress, enhance safety, and pave the path for a resilient energy future.

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Energy: Securing critical energy infrastructure

Manufacturing: Securing smart factories

Within manufacturing, the lines between IT and operational technology (OT) have blurred. Turning materials into products poses cyber security challenges due to limited operational visibility and insufficient security measures.

Bridging the IT-OT gap and providing precise risk assessments are vital. Our advisory services and risk analyses empower you to secure your manufacturing processes effectively.

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Utilities: Empowering the reliable distribution of power

Power utilities are the backbone of modern society, providing electricity to homes, businesses, and industries. As the lifeline of society, you face the challenge of safeguarding energy distribution against cyber threats.

Our mission is to empower power providers with the tools to maintain steady, reliable energy distribution while ensuring the uninterrupted flow of powers to communities.

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The Omny platform

Scaling security operations to equip your business to make better decisions.

Aquire holistic visibility and insights into your company's cyber-physical assets, their operations, and the critical process they perform. This industrial visibility leads to a better understanding of operational and cyber business risks, as well as the potential impact of a disruption. Built from industry and cybersecurity expertise, the Omny platform is an essential software for increasing operational resilience. 

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Start your customer journey by contacting us. Reach out to our team members directly or use the contact form on our website. We are here to assist you and answer any questions you have.

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To explore our product in detail, request a demo through our website. Click "Book Demo" and we'll schedule a personalized demonstration to showcase our solution's features and benefits.

Connect with our partners

Our partner for customers in Norway is Telenor. If you're located in Norway, contact Telenor to discover how our collaboration can benefit you. They will provide specific details on leveraging our joint solutions and services.

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What can you expect ?

The process with Omny begins when you initiate contact by filling in the below form. We then schedule a meeting with you to understand your needs and challenges with a demonstration of our solution. Further, we discuss project requirements and establish a timeline. When we agree to move forward, you can expect a detailed commercial offer from your new account manager. This manager will be with you every step of the way to ensure that you are heard and together find the best the solution for your company. 


Then what?

  • During the implementation phase, users are onboarded and trained to effectively use Omny's solution.
  • Regular communication through calls, emails, and meetings. Monthly training webinars to enhance customer knowledge
  • You will gain access to comprehensive written documentation for self-service support
  • Once deployed, the solution transitions to the customer success team for continued support. 

What is the average timeline?

The implementation timeline for Omny's product depends on several factors. The availability and engagement of the customer's key personnel are vital for a seamless process. The maturity and understanding of the customer's data can also influence the timeline. Access to and compliance with data source policies play a role. Given these variables, Omny collaborates with each customer to establish a tailored and realistic timeline.

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Your Security, Your Strength: Navigating industrial landscapes with confidence

As cyber threats become more advanced, all industries should take protective security measures to insure business continuity. Cyber awareness is a crucial start but heavy asset industries should take proactive measures to prevent disruptions from a cyber attack.

At Omny, we're focused on understanding your unique challenges across diverse industries and roles. Empowering your business to safeguard your infrastructure is our priority. Find peace of mind with Omny and gain increased insight into your own systems in order to strengthen your defenses, prioritize better and reduce asset risk. Partner with us to secure your industry’s future.


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