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Fortifying Cybersecurity for
a Resilient Future

Modern obstacles in manufacturing

The manufacturing industry plays a central role in transforming raw materials and individual components into finished goods such as cars, batteries, and food products. With its ability to create tangible products, the manufacturing sector faces challenges when it comes to vulnerability and cybersecurity.

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Fortifying Cyber Security for a Resilient Future in Manufacturing | Omny

Addressing cybersecurity challenges in manufacturing

Limited operational visibility and insufficient security measures has traditionally plagued manufacturing organizations, leaving them open to new-age threats and risk mitigation difficult.

A sector riddled with heavy machinery from a variety of providers along with a diverse supply chain opens the door to potential cyber threats and no clear strategy for how to close this door.

The need to merge IT and OT defenses are never more important than the present. Industrial factories need a way of quickly addressing inadequate risk practices, third-party vendor reliance, and outdated communication methods to better protect themselves from modern-day cyber threats


Paving the way for cyber resilience

With the Omny platform, manufacturing companies have the visibility into their cyber-physical networks and thereby begin to address and improve outdated practices, polices, and procedures.

Prioritizing cybersecurity, understanding its business impact, and cultivating a cyber-aware culture are all vital to a company’s longevity and reputation in manufacturing. Engaging in proof of concept (PoC) projects are essential additions to innovation and role assignment, which lead to faster incident response

Our solution

Tailored security operations

Manufacturing companies aiming to enhance their cybersecurity posture can benefit from the expertise of knowledgeable products addressing their specific needs. Omny recognizes the importance of prioritizing a return on investment, scalable solutions for different sized deployments, and flexible solutions to suit the diverse manufacturing industry.

Leveraging our expertise in cybersecurity, we provide comprehensive advisory and consultation services to guide manufacturing companies in creating and maintaining effective security programs.

Our solutions empower organizations to gain enhanced visibility into production systems and environments, enabling real-time insights to identify vulnerabilities and respond proactively to threats. By aligning business objectives directly with cybersecurity initiatives, manufacturing companies can effectively prioritize their security efforts.

Through our platform, manufacturing companies can map dependencies across cyber and physical environments, gaining a holistic understanding of their production and business processes.

Our continuous risk analysis capabilities enable informed decision-making based on ongoing evaluations of business and cyber risks.

With integrated threat intelligence feeds, our customers gain timely and relevant threat information, facilitating effective decision-making and future cybersecurity initiatives.

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The Omny platform

Scaling security operations to equip your business to make better decisions.

Aquire holistic visibility and insights into your company's cyber-physical assets, their operations, and the critical process they perform. This industrial visibility leads to a better understanding of operational and cyber business risks, as well as the potential impact of a disruption. Built from industry and cybersecurity expertise, the Omny platform is an essential software for increasing operational resilience. 

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With multiple applications designed to provide cybersecurity insight for society's most critical infrastructure, the Omny platform enables strategic and operational decision-making for risk management with additional support available by a specialized advisory team for cyber and OT security.
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Omny Respond

Empower your security operations and incident response teams with an overview of cyber knowledge, including vulnerabilities, of your physical assets.

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OT Advisory

Attain personalized guidance on the health of your current OT security environment. Let us evaluate your cyber architecture and assess the full risk of your company infrastructure.

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