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Partner Ecosystem

We in Omny strongly believe that protecting critical infrastructure requires collaboration among the community of experts working together towards common goals. That is why we engage closely with a diverse group of leading companies and organizations within the industrial security space. We want to ensure the solutions and services that Omny and our partners deliver to our customers are beneficial from the collective power of best-in-breed technology, domain expertise, and thought leadership.
Omny’s technology partners connect with the Omny Platform and the power of our Industrial Security Graph to provide scalability and the most optimal performance for our customers. They include providers of elite information technology to build, train and enhance machine-learning models in order to perform analytics on top of multimodal, industrial data.
Cybersecurity Insights
We partner up with companies whose databases of information are the industry standard for monitoring, triaging, and incident response. Thanks to these partners, our customers can rely on unmatched asset discovery, threat and anomaly detection capabilities, as well as the best expertise in the threat intelligence field.
Omny collaborates with the most experienced and competent Managed Security Services providers. They help protect our customers’ industrial environments with monitoring, detection and incident response as well as consulting services like risk assessments, OT security architecture assessments and tabletop exercise.
R&D and Community
We collaborate with national laboratories and research centers that are at the cutting edge of industrial security technology and develop concepts and solutions for the future. We also engage in an active dialogue with CERTs and ISACs in order to improve risk posture and collective protection capabilities of industries and nations. 

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With multiple applications designed to provide cybersecurity insight for society's most critical infrastructure, the Omny platform enables strategic and operational decision-making for risk management with additional support available by a specialized advisory team for cyber and OT security.
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Omny Respond

Empower your security operations and incident response teams with an overview of cyber knowledge, including vulnerabilities, of your physical assets.

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OT Advisory

Attain personalized guidance on the health of your current OT security environment. Let us evaluate your cyber architecture and assess the full risk of your company infrastructure.

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