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The Omny Platform

Omny Respond

Transforming OT security management

Utilize our advanced data capabilities in the Omny Respond application to empower your cybersecurity teams and protect critical infrastructure from cyber attacks. Designed to promote seamless communication between operational and security teams to further business continuity.

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Assessing your risk posture

Omny Respond empowers you with a comprehensive understanding of your OT environment. Through advanced data aggregation and analysis, we offer a detailed view of vulnerabilities, process anomalies, and asset inventory. Gain immediate visibility into your OT assets, giving you the tools to proactively manage risks, boost resilience, and ensure seamless business operations.

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Consequence driven prioritization

Let Omny Respond empower you to pinpoint vulnerabilities that matter most within your unique industrial environment. By considering their significance and potential impact on your operational resilience, you can effectively manage risks, minimize downtime, and ensure uninterrupted business continuity. Focus your attention on the critical issues that hold the highest potential consequences for your operations.

Streamlined decision-making

Experience smooth security control and mitigation with Omny Respond's precise data and analytics. Our tools help you to make well-informed choices and address issues swiftly using accurate assessments and practical insights. Collaborate seamlessly among your cybersecurity teams and stakeholders, ensuring effective decisions and coordinated actions. Keep your OT environment secure by effortlessly working together to minimize risks and maintain safety.

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Explore the Omny platform

Designed to provide cybersecurity insight for society's most critical infrastructure, the Omny platform enables strategic and operational decision-making for risk management with additional support available by a specialized advisory team for cyber and OT security.
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Omny Risk

Gain a holistic overview of your risk posture set against the ever-changing threat landscape. Evaluate risk level throughout the lifetime of an asset and across all your most valuable sites.

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OT Advisory Services

Attain personalized guidance on the health of your current OT security environment. Let us evaluate your cyber architecture and assess the full risk of your company infrastructure.

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