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The Omny Platform

Omny Risk

Strategic security risk management

Designed for industrial companies, Omny Risk provides security teams and risk owners with a dynamic product to continuously assess and evaluate potential threats in real-time, while considering their impact on operations and assets.
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Evaluate your risk in real-time

Going beyond the static risk matrix, Omny RIsk gives you current insight into security risks that could affect your company. Gain a clear picture of your risk posture, reduce security incident consequences, and streamline your decision-making process. Our solutions are designed to keep you one step ahead of physical and cyber risks.

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Quantitative data for faster decision making

Omny Risk holds data from all sites to allow the easy evaluation of risk across physical, IT security and OT security domains. This information is quantified according to your unique industry and personal requirements to better understand which threats could require attention or mitigative efforts.

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Risk prioritization to match your industry & needs

Gain a deep understanding of risk relationships and how potential incidents might affect your operations. Follow your company-specific killchain to see how scenarios will play out at any specific location and use that knowledge to make decisions on mitigate or budgeting. Make the most of your security investments by focusing on what matters most. 

Visibility across physical & cyber domains

Having full oversight of your physical systems and the connections they have to other systems and processes allows Omny Risk to give you previously unknown insight into attack paths and vulnerabilities within your sites. Run through scenarios specific to your site(s) and, as this risk reporting is dynamic, it will always be relevant to the current risk picture and your risk posture.

Download the Solution Brief
Download the Solution Brief

Omny Risk

The Omny Risk application, will help your organization understand and take control of ever-changing cyber security risks to your critical infrastructure.
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Explore the Omny platform

With multiple applications designed to provide cybersecurity insight for society's most critical infrastructure, the Omny platform enables strategic and operational decision-making for risk management with additional support available by a specialized advisory team for cyber and OT security.
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Omny Respond

Empower your security operations and incident response teams with an overview of cyber knowledge, including vulnerabilities, of your physical assets.

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OT Advisory

Attain personalized guidance on the health of your current OT security environment. Let us evaluate your cyber architecture and assess the full risk of your company infrastructure.

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